Publication of The Adoption Journey

We are delighted to announce a new publication for prospective adopters in Scotland created jointly by AFA Scotland and Adoption UK Scotland as part of our Preparing Adopters Project. Copies will be circulated free of charge to all local authorities and voluntary adoption agencies so that it can be made available to anyone thinking about, or embarking on, the process of becoming an adoptive parent. There will be a formal launch of the publication shortly with distribution to agencies during February and March. Initial feedback has been very encouraging with many comments about the helpful the way it combines positive testimony from people who have been there already, along with a realistic look at some of the challenges and complications involved.

The other part of the Preparing Adopters Project involves creating an updated and Scotland specific version of the CoramBAAF training materials ‘Preparing to Adopt’. Work is nearing completion on the materials and agencies will be notified once these are finalised and available.