CON 01 - 05/11/21 Legal Conference: What Happens Next? Supporting children, families and relationships into the future


Date:  5 November, 2021

Cost:  £85.00 + VAT

Adoption, Permanence and Kinship Care Orders are just the beginning for children and families moving towards the hope of a settled life. We know that ongoing support and advice from professionals is vital in sustaining these relationships.  To promote effectiveness of decisions and planning for children and families we will look at what happens next on the child’s journey in permanence under kinship care or permanence orders or adoption and thereafter, moving into adulthood.

This year’s legal conference will focus on the impact of the decisions made on the child and family where the child moves into permanence or ceases to be a looked after child. This will support practitioners in future proofing plans in light of the experience and knowledge that our Speakers will share.

This will be a virtual meeting but break out rooms will provide delegates with an opportunity to share views and experiences.


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WS08 - 02/12/2021 : - Whose Minute is it Anyway?

Date:  Thursday 2 December 2021

Time:  10.00am - 2.00pm

Facilitator:  Ravinder Kaur

Online Platform:  MS Teams

Cost:  £85.00 + VAT

The role of the minute taker in adoption and fostering panels is a crucial one.  Adoption and fostering panels are underpinned by specific legal and regulatory requirements.  Therefore, minute takers need to ahve a sufficient understanding of these requirements in order to produce a minute that is relevant, clear and appropriate.  For further information, and to download a booking form, click here

SC01 - 09/21 - 01/22 : - Securing Children's Futures

This post qualifying course is aimed at social workers and managers in children and families’ teams, family placement teams as well as other specialist settings across the statutory, voluntary and independent sector. Applicants will require the support of their employer to attend as well as validate their work. It is imperative that sponsoring agencies ensure their nominated students have the motivation, capacity and commitment to complete the course.  Please note this course will be delivered virtually using an online platform.

The course is at MSc Level 11 and attracts an award of 60 credits (postgraduate certificate) which can be taken forward to further study. The course is validated by Strathclyde University.

The introductory session for students and their managers will be on the 2nd September 2021. The course requires virtual attendance at three taught modules of three consecutive days per module between September 2021 and January 2022. Assessment will be on the basis of three written assignments as well as an assessed observation. The final assignment is due in March 2022. Comprehensive feedback is available to students. A student handbook will provide all the required information.

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WS07 - 01/12/2021 : - Assessing Kinship Carers

Date:  Wednesday 1 December 2021

Time:  10.00am - 2.00pm

Facilitators:  Jane Steele & Anne Thom

Online Platform:  MS Teams

Cost:  £85.00 + VAT

The assessment of family members and known adults as kinship carers for a child or young person unable to live with their birth family is one of the most complex that a worker can undertake.  It is only through the completion of full and robust assessments that decisions can be made in the child’s best interests. 

This workshop will look at good practice in the assessment of any alternative family carers as well as key differences in the assessment of kinship carers.  Issues of power and partnership as well as risk assessment will also be considered.  For further information and to download a booking form, please click here

WS06 - 16/11/2021 : - The Co-Ordination of adoption placements: key themes

Date:  Tuesday 16 November 2021

Time:  10.00am - 2.00pm

Facilitator:  Lindsey Dunbar, Associate Trainer

Online Platform:  MS Teams

Cost:  £85.00 + VAT

This workshop will look at the co-ordination of adoption placements and will consider good practice when children are moving to permanent foster placements, how children and young people can be helped to successfully move and, the perspectives of the different people involved in transitions.

It will look at common pitfalls and dilemmas and be able to share good practice with the opportunity to consider the model devised by the University of East Anglia and think about how this model can be adapted to work in our own area.   

This workshop is suitable for Social Workers who are new to moving children on and also as a refresher course for those who are keen to think about different facets of this complex work. It will also be suitable for children's Social Workers who are keen to learn more about good practice in settling children in permanent placements.

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