Date:  21 September, 2017

Venue:  Glasgow

Facilitator:  Rhona Pollock

Children’s Hearings make huge demands on social workers’ time and attention. Gathering information, writing reports, presenting at Hearings, implementing the Hearings’ decisions and reviewing the success of plans made under Orders require a thorough knowledge and understanding of current law and practice. Recent court decisions underline the importance of social workers evidencing an ability to apply the appropriate thresholds at the various stages of state intervention in family life.

This workshop will promote the pivotal role of the social worker within the Children’s Hearing System and support the worker in achieving best outcomes for children and families.  It will be led by Rhona Pollock, AFA Scotland Legal Consultant, former reporter to the children’s panel, former panel member trainer and current Panel Practice Advisor who has years of experience in the Children’s Hearings System.

The workshop will look at:

·         The Children Hearings (Scotland) Act 2011 by providing an overview of the principles and Sections of the Act;

·         Court judgements which help to understand how to interpret and apply the legislation;

·         The rules and procedures of the Hearing System;

·         Using the rules and procedure and best practice towards a speedy and appropriate decision;

·         The various types of Hearings and possible outcomes;

·         The role of legal representatives, safe guarders, panel members and children’s reporters;

·         Marshalling information held in case files prior to appearing at the Hearing;

·         Report writing for the Hearing;

·         Practical considerations in preparing for a Hearing;

·         The requirements in terms of effective and implementable recommendations;

·         Dealing with issues of contact;

·         Presenting information at Hearings;

·         Coping with the expected and unexpected;

·         Planning for permanence;

·         When to request review Hearings.


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