Medical Advice in Fostering and Adoption....

exploring aspects of the social work and legal context of medical advice


Date:   Friday 15 September, 2017

Location: Discovery Quay, Dundee


This seminar is aimed at beginning a new dialogue in Scotland regarding the unique multi-disciplinary context in which Medical Advisers operate. The giving of information and advice by medical advisers informs decision-making for children. This information is vital but can be restricted if full information about the child’s family health and social history has not been made available through social work reports. In the event that certain health information is not identified or procured another way by medical advisers, legal processes may not be fully informed regarding the child’s history and future needs. Most importantly, the child’s new family may not have the information to assess their suitability to care for the child and the child will not have relevant information available to them that could impact them or their children in the future.


The interaction between medical advisers and social workers also includes sometimes contentious  discussions and decisions about the health of adults who seek to adopt or foster the vulnerable children for whom Local Authorities are responsible. When medical reviews are undertaken, once more social information can make a big difference to the medical advisers understanding of the capacities of carers and prospective adopters.


Social workers have a vital role to play in ensuring that the health of looked after children is optimised, and their carers supported to care for their own wellbeing. This seminar will provide a rare opportunity for medical and social work professionals to discuss issues together, to clarify points of view, to support enhanced outcomes for looked after children and to achieve greater clarity in joint health and social work approaches to the health of carers and adopters.

This seminar will explore the positives as well as the pitfalls of joint working between professions in respect of health information. The day will include contributions from speakers as well as opportunities for break out multi-disciplinary discussions and feedback.

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