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We have a number of events on our calendar and the information for these are listed below.

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Making Sense of Recent Court Judgements

Date:  Friday 8 December, 2017

Time:  1.00pm - 5.00pm

Cost:  £50.00 + VAT

Venue:  Glasgow (to be confirmed)


Rhona Pollock, AFA Scotland

Claire Anne McFadde, JK Cameron Solicitors


This session will look at how local authorities can move forward in adapting practice and policy to make fit for court in adoption and permanence cases.  This is an area where courts are demanding much more from local authorities and the landscape for those undertaking permanence and adoption work has become increasingly unfamiliar. Concern, criticism and expectations have been explicitly expressed in recent judgements, a few of which are quoted below:

           “Social workers decide to go down one path and appear unwilling to keep under continual review the objective of  preserving personal relations between parents and children”.

          “Concerns were based to a significant extent on material about which the local authority had no direct knowledge…and on matters about which the evidence was, bluntly, insufficient, unsubstantiated and ultimately not relied upon”.

         “The decision appears to have been made simply to move towards permanence…this was precipitate and unjustified”.

It will look at recent and established case law, legislation and the requirements placed on social workers and local authority solicitors when presenting PO, POA applications and in supporting direct petitions. This will be done through the use of case scenarios, group working and plenary sessions to identify the problem areas in report writing, gathering information, presenting evidence and preparing for Court. The worker will be guided in demonstrating how their decisions, actions and practices are underpinned by legal authority.

The session will be run jointly by Rhona Pollock, AFA Scotland Legal Consultant, solicitor and former reporter to the children’s panel who has many years’ court experience and Claire Anne McFadden, partner with J K. Cameron Solicitors, Glasgow. Claire Anne has extensive and specialist knowledge of adoption proceedings having acted for adoptive parents in numerous applications and having represented local authorities throughout the country in Permanence applications.


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Getting to grips with legislation, case law and good practice in adoption and fostering

Date:  7 December, 2017

Venue:  Edinburgh (to be confirmed)

Facilitator:  Rhona Pollock

In the 8 years since the implementation of the Adoption and Children (Scotland) Act 2007, policy, practice and court judgements have informed the interpretation and application of the law. The need has never been greater for an effective legal presence in the formulation and delivery of local authority planning for permanence. This workshop explores and explains in detail the requirements placed on the local authority solicitor; through the use of plenary sessions, case scenarios, group working and discussion, delegates will develop an enhanced understanding of how to achieve effective and timely progress towards permanence.  It will also promote the pivotal role of the local authority solicitor in achieving best outcomes for children and families.

 You can download the booking form here.


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Minute Taking for those involved in adoption and fostering panels


Date:  Friday 2 March, 2018

Venue:  Edinburgh (to be confirmed)

Facilitator:  Ravinder Kaur

The role of the minute taker in adoption and fostering panels is a crucial one.  Adoption and fostering panels are underpinned by specific legal and regulatory requirements. Therefore, minute takers need to have a sufficient understanding of these requirements in order to produce a minute that is relevant, clear and appropriate.



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This post qualifying course is aimed at social workers and managers in children and families’ teams, family placement teams as well as other specialist settings across the statutory, voluntary and independent sector. Applicants will require the support of their employer to attend as well as validate their work. It is imperative that sponsoring agencies ensure their nominated students have the motivation, capacity and commitment to complete the course.

The course requires attendance at three taught modules of three consecutive days per module between January 2018 and May 2018. Assessment will be on the basis of three written assignments as well as an assessed observation in the workplace. Comprehensive feedback is available to students. A student handbook will provide all the required information. There is also an introductory session for students and their managers.



Session:     11 December, 2017

Module 1    24, 25, 26, January, 2018      

Module 2:   21, 22, 23 March, 2018         ,

Module 3:   16, 17, 18 May, 2017


Venue - Edinburgh - to be confirmed

Cost - £2,200 + VAT          

For further information, please contact:

Brenda Reilly, Business Support and Finance Manager

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Ravinder Kaur, Course Leader

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


You can download the course flyer here.


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